While reflecting, Spartans optimistic about future

We asked a number of the Spartan state tournament qualifiers the following question:  Describe wrestling at state and what has being a part of the Spartan wrestling program meant to you as individuals?  What impact has all the hard work on the mat had on you as people?

Here are their responses…

Kyle Burkhalter

Wrestling at state the past three years has given me the strength and determination to strive for more as a person.  Sophomore and junior year at state, I was knocked out in the first round.  I told myself that this year, I was going to go all the way and I did.  My goal was to be a state champion and I came up just short of it.  Since my high school wrestling career is over, the UW-Stevens Point coach has given me another opportunity to strive for greatness.  Being a Spartan for the past four years has been a great honor to me.  Even though the medals and championships have been nice, building a bond with my teammates and coaches is what it’s been all about.  You can probably just call it a family without wrestling.  I don’t think I would be where I am today.  I know for a fact I wouldn’t be accepted to UW-Stevens Point either.

I remember freshman year was my first year going out for wrestling (besides when I was in first and second grade).  And I never thought I was going to like it, let alone love it.  Now, looking back on everything, I’ve realized that even throughout all the hard work, I have absolutely loved every moment of wrestling for the Spartans.  Since my first year, I’ve come a long way.  My technique has developed along with my strength, mentally and physically.  With all this development as a wrestler, it has also developed me as a person and a member of my community.  I have realized that a lot of kids look up to me as their idea of what hard work and determination can do to a person.  I remember my freshman year looking up to Matt Tourdot and saying to myself, I want to feel the success he did.  And I did.  Looking back at everything now, I wish I could take every memory back, but now, it’s a new chapter in my story and I am going to continue wrestling in college.  Without the Spartan wrestling team and the people among us, I wouldn’t be doing so.  In return, I would like to thank everyone, coaches, fans and my brothers.  Go Spartans!!


Michael Murnane

The atmosphere at the state tournament was awesome and spending time with my teammates was really fun.  The wrestling program has given me direction in life and has given me goals to work for.  The work we have done as a team in the wrestling room has really brought us together.  All the blood, sweat and tears we have shed was for each other.


John Roddick

I learned that we can wrestle with anyone and be successful.  My goal is to win state next year.  I plan on attending camps this summer and going to open mats, running and lifting and doing freestyle and greco.  I am excited to become a leader on this up and coming team.


Brock Polhamus

I learned that things are not always going to go the way you want them to.  As an athlete you need to be able to handle adversity and respond to it.  My goal is to work even harder and do something to improve every day.  My goal is to win state–always has been and I’m confident I will do it.  I will lift, run, wrestle and improve to obtain this goal.  I will make every open mat and work on my own on my mat at home.  I feel I am a strong leader on the team and I am ready to take on the responsibility of setting the right example and being a role model for the underclassmen.


Dylan Winchel

I learned that you gotta act like you’ve been there so your nerves don’t get to you.  My goals for next year is just to work twice as hard as I did this year so I can win state.  I plan on lifting, going to camps, wrestling freestyle and going to open mat and working on technique to accomplish my goals.  I feel good for this upcoming year and I’m just going to keep pushing Brock and John the way they do the same to and for me.  I will also push everyone else to make them become better wrestlers.



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