Sparta Wrestling Club Minutes – March 11, 2013

Below are the minutes from the March 11, 2013 meeting of the Sparta Wrestling Club…

Sparta Wrestling Club

Club Meeting Minutes: 03/11/13                                                            7:00 PM Barney Center Senior Citizen Room

Officers Present:

Larry Mosely-President

Mike Montgomery-VP

Jean Roddick-Middle School Rep

Andy Polhamus—Secretary

Red Von Ruden-High School Rep

Mary Nowaczyk-Treasurer

Officers Absent:

Steve Weidl-Alumni Rep

Kari Hauser-Youth Coordinator

Others Present:

Coach Larsen, Mike Roddick, Traci Polhamus, Melissa Bailey, Ryan Burkhalter, Amy Burkhalter


  • Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Larry Mosely.
  • Last month’s minutes approved. (Montgomery & Von Ruden)
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Current cash balance $10,499.40
    • Discussions
      • Acknowledged the 7 HS State Qualifiers.
      • Acknowledged the 16 Sparta Youth kids that qualified for the Youth State tournament.
      • Web Site
        • Current and historical viewing statistics of the Spartan Web site will be sent.  The results are very positive.
        • The Website information should be shared with anyone who has sponsored our club or supplied to any business or person who may be approached to support our club.

  • Fundraising
    • Sporting Clays—will be tabled until next year.  Ryan Burkhalter plans to speak with his contact.
    • Vinyl Stickers for Mat corners and Banner placement.
      • Initially intend to approach four separate sponsors for each mat corner.
      • Banners along the sides will be considered as options as well.
      • Cost: $250 per advertising corner.
      • Need a sample that we can show the potential customer.
      • Grapplers and Grace—discussions are in motion with the HS Dance Team.
      • Snack Shack –Request submitted and approved for next year.
      • US Silica—Will be approached soon.
      • Gun Raffle potential to be explored.
  • Basic Skills camp to be held in June (Particular date not yet established).
    • 2-Day, 4 Session Camp with a possible Take down tournament.
    • Jake and another outside coach to teach.
    • Cost $30.00 per attendee and will receive a T-Shirt.
    • Must register the event with USA Wrestling.
  • Youth Tournament Sponsors-picture of the team and “Thank You’s” were sent to all sponsors.
  • Amy Burkhalter given the green light to purchase 18 sellable Spartan Wrestling bleacher seats to provide to the 6 individuals who have already purchased seats and to have a quantity available for those whose would want to order them.  (Motioned by Andy P. seconded Jean R)
  • Warm-ups—Larry and Jake scheduled to view options.
  • Election of Officers upcoming: Mike Montgomery to coordinate a nomination committee.
    • Positions are two-year terms with half of the officer’s terms staggering the other half’s elected term.
    • New Business
      • Open Mat sessions request completed by Larry Mosely.  (Practices have already started).
      • Scholarships for Seniors.
        • Something will be considered and provided to the school to handle.
  • Potential hire of an offseason FS/GR coach (Tabled).
  • Established Friday May 10th and Saturday May 11th as a Wrestling Room work day to perform the following:
    • Remove current plaques.
    • Scrape and prep brick wall for painting.
    • Paint the wall.
    • Volunteers needed.
  • Coach Larsen looking at Stevens Point as a potential summer camp for the Team to consider.
  • Next meeting scheduled for 04/08/13.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:22 PM.


Minutes submitted by Andy Polhamus


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