Sparta Wrestling Club Minutes – June 10, 2013

Club Meeting Minutes: 06/10/13                                                            7:00 PM Sparta High School

Officers Present:

Larry Mosely-President

Jean Roddick-Middle School Rep

Andy Polhamus—Secretary

Kari Hauser-Youth Coordinator

Denise Murnane-Alumni Rep

Officers Absent:

Mike Montgomery-VP

Mary Nowaczyk-Treasurer

Red Von Ruden-High School Rep

Others Present:

Mike Roddick, Traci Polhamus, Melissa Bailey


  • Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Larry Mosely.
  • Last month’s minutes approved.
  • Treasurer’s report.

    • Current cash balance $8,390.00.
    • Discussions
      • Social Media.
        • Need chair and apparel purchase information added (Chairs are $50).
        • Calendar needs updating.
  • Fundraising.
    • Vinyl Stickers to be offered later in the year.
      • Slice of Chicago has confirmed they want a corner advertising sticker.
      • Grapplers with Grace.
        • Oct 5th, will have food and beverages served before the event.
        • $10.00 for VIP seating and $5.00 for general admission.
      • Snack Shack .
      • US Silica—Ongoing.
  • Basic Skills camp (Tabled)—will be a fall function if it happens.
  • Warm-ups—almost settled on.
  • Open mat sessions continue to be successful—need to be added to calendar with Sunday and Wednesday schedule change (see social media).
  • Budget presented and discussed with minor changes asked to be made.  (Tabled for August meeting).
    • Change yearly revenue totals.
    • Add “Gift “ line item.
    • Butterfest Candy.
  • Election of Officers:
    • President (Nominated Larry Mosely)  APPROVED 4-0.
    • Treasurer (Nominated Mary Nowaczyk) APPROVED 4-0.
    • Alumni (Nominated Denise Murnane) APPROVED 4-0.
  • Stevens Point Summer Duals June 28th and 29th.
  • Spaghetti feed—scheduled for Nov 12th.
  • Butterfest Parade.
    • Successful participation once again.
  • FS/Greco Tournament with a Friday night reffing clinic scheduled for April 19th 2014.
  • New Business
    • Approved replacing the Plaques that came up missing.
    • Did not schedule a July meeting—determined August 5th as a reasonable reconvening date.
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.
    • Next meeting Monday Aug. 5th.

Minutes submitted by Andy Polhamus

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