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If any of you have tried to access the schedule and results page for this past season along with many of the records, you might have been redirected to

That's because those files were hosted on my old photography website and I just launched a new one this past week and in the process, visitors to the old website get automatically forwarded to that new address.  I thought that would work just for the front page, but apparently applies to all the other pages as well.  What does that mean for you?

That means for the next week or so that information will not be accessible.  I'll be migrating those files and pages over to a new host this week so you might have to change your bookmarks.  I'll let you know when that migration is complete and the links on the left side of this page will reflect that.  For now, you can just check out some of the photos on my new website.

The look and feel of will also be changing soon.  The web address will stay the same, but we will be moving to a blog that operates on WordPress as opposed to Typepad.  WordPress blogs are much more customizable, which will allow us to bring you new features, more videos and generally display more information on the page making your experience much richer and easier.  This won't happen for at least a month and probably longer than that, but when it does you'll notice right away.

A variety of new content will also be added to the website soon thanks to Pat Stevenson.  Lots of historical information, old articles and more will be scanned, uploaded and added to the website.  Be sure to check that out as there is a lot of fascinating information.

Finally, later today we will be providing a link to something that many of you out there who don't live in Sparta will really appreciate.  Hell, even those of you who live in Sparta and go to all the matches will probably enjoy this too.  It's something that we plan on doing every year for now on and this will simply mark the beginning.  I'm not going to spill the beans just yet so check back here later today, but I can say it's one of the most exciting additions to the website in years and hopefully will mark the beginning of something great.

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