Wrestler Profile: John Roddick

The latest wrestler profile is half of Sparta’s freshman duo who became the first freshman to qualify for the state individual tournament since 1995. This guy loves T-Plush, dreams of meeting the Packers and Aaron Rodgers and can’t get enough of Red Lobster.  With a record of 39-12 heading into Thursday’s state tournament, meet John Roddick.

Name:  John Roddick
Grade:  Freshman
Sports involved in:  Cross Country, Wrestling, Track
Favorite subject:  Math
Three words to describe me are:  Athletic, Funny, Enjoyable.
I got my start in sports:  Parent’s influence and my own wanting to play sports
I wish I could wrestle (team or individual):  at the team state tournament
My most memorable moment in sports:  When I beat Hunter Hayes at state one year in double overtime
I like about high school sports:  They are fun and make you work harder than middle school
I enjoy wrestling because:  It takes hard work and determination
Advice:  Work hard and try your best.  Be smart and think before you do.
My role model is:  Jayson Ness
Most inspirational teammate:  Toby Mosley
My family also includes:  My mom Jean, dad Mike, sister Jaden and dog Harley.
Words to live by:  “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”  –  Steve Prefontaine
Favorite athlete:  Nyjer Morgan
Favorite team:  Green Bay Packers
Favorite opponent:  All of them
Favorite movie:  Dodgeball
Favorite TV show:  Tosh.0
Favorite food:  Lasagna
Favorite restaurant:  Red Lobster
Favorite sport on TV:  Football
Favorite place to visit:  Florida/Canada
I want to visit:  Colorado
Top five songs on my iPod: Opposite of Adults” by Chiddy Bang, “Mind your Manners” by Chiddy Bang, “Donald Trump” by Mac Miller, “Forever” by Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem, “Smile Back” by Mac Miller
Favorite website:
Radio pre-set:  Z93
I drive:  NOT YET
Dream car:  Ford truck
I can’t live without:  My iPod
I like Sparta High because:  A lot more freedom.
If I could change anything:  I would make it so nobody is in poverty.
I wish we could compete against:  Nationally ranked teams
I wish I could meet:  Aaron Rodgers
Dream date:  Selena Gomez
Dream gift:  A lot of money
My perfect day:  Meeting the Packers, getting to go to a game and stand on the sidelines with the team and eating lots of food
I like to read:  Sports Illustrated
Most people don’t know this about me:  I used to play guitar
Hobbies:  Sports, hunting and fishing
Post-high school plans:  Going to college, buying a house, get a good job that I like
Career goals:  To get a job that makes good money and that I like. 

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