Winless day at Dells Duals only half the story

Sophomore Jaden Winchel went 5-0 on the day, which included a 9-6 victory over last year's state runner-up at 120 pounds in division one in Stoughton's Zach Hasselberger.

Sophomore Jaden Winchel went 5-0 on the day, which included a 9-6 victory over last year’s state runner-up at 120 pounds in division one in Stoughton’s Zach Hasselberger.

On paper, it would appear the Spartans were manhandled from one end of the gym to the other at the Chula Vista Duals in Wisconsin Dells.  But paper is not where the matches are wrestled and when you look a little closer, you will see that the Spartans were very competitive.

Sparta did not have wrestlers at 106, 195 and 220.  It’s hard to win when you spot highly-ranked opponents like Stoughton (4th in D1), Spring Valley/Elmwood (2nd in D3) and Whitnall (HM in D1) 18 points every dual.  Add to that Christian Lamon unable to wrestle after an injury during the second dual of the day and those 24 points for the remaining opponents proved insurmountable considering the level of competition the Spartans were facing.  In the matches Sparta did wrestle, they were very competitive.  Here is how the Spartans did on the day…

  • Stoughton 44 – Sparta 21, in matches wrestled the score was Stoughton 26-Sparta 21
  • Whitnall 47 – Sparta 24, in matches wrestled the score was Sparta 24-Whitnall 23
  • Spring Valley/Elmwood 36 – Sparta 22, in matches wrestled the score was Sparta 22-Spring Valley/Elmwood 18
  • Wausau West 47 – Sparta 33, in matches wrestled the score was Sparta 33-Wausau West 23
  • Laconia 42 – Sparta 21, in matches wrestled the score was Sparta 21-Laconia 18


As you can see, the matches were very competitive when Sparta had wrestlers to run out there.  As the year goes on, this problem will fix itself as some wrestlers use the additional pounds to drop down and fill the void at weights like 106.  It’s more of the same problem the Spartans faced last year with very tough light and middle weights and a lack of upper weight wrestlers.  This is a problem that should go away in the coming years as there are some heavier middle schoolers coming up and this year’s freshman continue to grow.

With great teams come great wrestlers and the Spartans had some impressive victories on the day.  None may have been more impressive than Jaden Winchel’s 9-6 victory over Stoughton’s Zach Hasselberger who entered the tournament ranked second in division one at 132 pounds.  Hasselberger was a state runner-up a year ago at 120 pounds.  Brock Polhamus pinned the #11 ranked wrestler in division one at 145 pounds in Stoughton’s Gunner Helland while also handing a major decision defeat to the third-ranked wrestler in division three at 138 pounds in Spring Valley/Elmwood’s Cruze Hurlburt.

Freshman Hayden Krein had a big day defeating Stoughton’s Tyler Dow who entered the tournament as an honorable mention in division one at 152 pounds while also defeating the 10th ranked wrestler in division one in Whitnall’s Nick Monty.

Here is how your Spartans did on an individual basis at the tournament…

106  –  Forfeits
113  –  David Hayes, 2-3 with two pins
120  –  Christian Lamon, 0-2
126  –  John Roddick, 4-1 with a technical fall
132  –  Jaden Winchel, 5-0 with three pins and a technical fall
138  –  Brett VonRuden, 2-3 with a pin
145  –  Brock Polhamus, 5-0 with four pins and a major decision
152  –  Hayden Krein, 5-0 with three pins
160  –  Ryan Wisniewski, 2-3 with two pins
170/182  –  Logan Van Tassel, 2-3 with a pin
170/182  –  Austin Zwiefel, 0-5
195  –  Forfeits
220  –  Forfeits
285  –  Devon Smith, 0-5

And here are complete dual results…

Match #1 Round 1: Stoughton defeated Sparta 44-21
285 – Erik Haried (Stoughton) over Devon Smith (Sparta) Fall 1:36
106 – Nolan Kraus (Stoughton) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113 – Brandon Klein (Stoughton) over David Hayes (Sparta) Fall 3:33
120 – Kaleb Louis (Stoughton) over Christian Lamon (Sparta) Dec 10-6
126 – John Roddick (Sparta) over Garrett Model (Stoughton) Dec 5-0
132 – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) over Zach Hasselberger (Stoughton) Dec 9-6
138 – Collin Kraus (Stoughton) over Brett VonRuden (Sparta) Maj 15-4
145 – Brock Polhamus (Sparta) over Trevar Helland (Stoughton) Fall 1:57
152 – Hayden Krein (Sparta) over Tyler Dow (Stoughton) SV-1 9-7
160 – Ryan Wisnieski (Sparta) over Amiel Flocca (Stoughton) Fall 1:36
170 – Patrick Reilly (Stoughton) over Austin Zwiefl (Sparta) Maj 10-2
182 – Gunnar Helland (Stoughton) over Logan VanTassel (Sparta) Dec 5-3
195 – Jacob Groleau (Stoughton) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220 – Josiah Nelson (Stoughton) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Match #3 Round 3: Whitnall defeated Sparta 47-24
220 – Anthony Rieth (Whitnall) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Ethan Harycki (Whitnall) over Devon Smith (Sparta) Fall 1:38
106 – Josh Rinka (Whitnall) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113 – Nathan Hensley (Whitnall) over David Hayes (Sparta) Maj 13-2
120 – Ethan Latus (Whitnall) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
126 – Anthony Senthavisauk (Whitnall) over John Roddick (Sparta) Dec 4-2
132 – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) over Seth Nowak (Whitnall) Fall 0:22
138 – Dylan Kellner (Whitnall) over Brett VonRuden (Sparta) Dec 11-9
145 – Brock Polhamus (Sparta) over Chris Jankowski (Whitnall) Fall 3:17
152 – Hayden Krein (Sparta) over Nick Monty (Whitnall) Inj 5:52
160 – Ryan Wisnieski (Sparta) over Saad Fleifel (Whitnall) Fall 1:53
170 – Ryan Olson (Whitnall) over Logan VanTassel (Sparta) Maj 10-2
182 – Chase Kendall (Whitnall) over Austin Zwiefl (Sparta) Dec 2-0
195 – Nick Langenohl (Whitnall) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Match #4 Round 4: Spring Valley/Elmwood defeated Sparta 36-22
285 – Mike Freund (Spring Valley/Elmwood) over Devon Smith (Sparta) Fall 0:48
106 – Double Forfeit
113 – Andrew Webb (Spring Valley/Elmwood) over David Hayes (Sparta) Dec 6-1
120 – Hank Larson (Spring Valley/Elmwood) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
126 – John Roddick (Sparta) over Seth Schlegel (Spring Valley/Elmwood) Dec 3-0
132 – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) over Cooper Stevens (Spring Valley/Elmwood) Fall 0:49
138 – Logan Newton (Spring Valley/Elmwood) over Brett VonRuden (Sparta) Dec 4-2
145 – Brock Polhamus (Sparta) over Cruze Hurlburt (Spring Valley/Elmwood) Maj 8-0
152 – Hayden Krein (Sparta) over Ryan Berg (Spring Valley/Elmwood) Fall 0:47
160 – Jed Schlegel (Spring Valley/Elmwood) over Ryan Wisnieski (Sparta) Dec 9-2
170 – Logan VanTassel (Sparta) over Quinton Elliott (Spring Valley/Elmwood) Dec 3-0
182 – Ryan Asher (Spring Valley/Elmwood) over Austin Zwiefl (Sparta) Dec 9-7
195 – Mike Roesler (Spring Valley/Elmwood) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220 – Ethan Hofacker (Spring Valley/Elmwood) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Match #5 Round 5: Wausau West defeated Sparta 47-33
106 – Kevin Yang (Wausau West) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113 – David Hayes (Sparta) over Jacob Wolfe (Wausau West) Fall 3:51
120 – Frank Lor (Wausau West) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
126 – John Roddick (Sparta) over Zachary Fisher (Wausau West) TF 15-0
132 – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) over Ryan Waldron (Wausau West) Fall 5:08
138 – Brett VonRuden (Sparta) over Payton Duberstein (Wausau West) Maj 11-3
145 – Brock Polhamus (Sparta) over Aleks Hein (Wausau West) Fall 1:36
152 – Hayden Krein (Sparta) over Calen Henkens (Wausau West) Fall 0:23
160 – Michael Phillips (Wausau West) over Ryan Wisnieski (Sparta) TF 18-2
170 – Tanner Baine (Wausau West) over Logan VanTassel (Sparta) Fall 0:48
182 – Jordan LaRue (Wausau West) over Austin Zwiefl (Sparta) Fall 0:31
195 – Nate Tessmer (Wausau West) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220 – Timothy Mineau (Wausau West) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Brady Lenz (Wausau West) over Devon Smith (Sparta) Fall 1:13

Match #1 1st Place Match: Laconia defeated Sparta 42-41
195 – Brandon Wiese (Laconia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220 – Taylor Stafford (Laconia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Eli Moses (Laconia) over Devon Smith (Sparta) Fall 0:40
106 – Dylan Jacob (Laconia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113 – David Hayes (Sparta) over Zachary Foth (Laconia) Fall 3:59
120 – Alec Potter (Laconia) over Christian Lamon (Sparta) MFF
126 – John Roddick (Sparta) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
132 – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) over Jared Greiten (Laconia) TF 19-1
138 – Brett VonRuden (Sparta) over Kevin Potter (Laconia) Fall 1:03
145 – Brock Polhamus (Sparta) over Trevin Henker (Laconia) Fall 2:35
152 – Hayden Krein (Sparta) over Dustin Hobbs (Laconia) Fall 1:03
160 – Zach Coffeen (Laconia) over Ryan Wisnieski (Sparta) Fall 2:35
170 – Logan VanTassel (Sparta) over Dan Behnke (Laconia) Fall 2:47
182 – Cowan Mulder (Laconia) over Austin Zwiefel (Sparta) Fall 1:51

The Spartans are off until Thursday when they take on Onalaska.  JV starts at 6:15pm followed by the varsity at 7:30pm.

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