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For the third year in a row, Sparta will be wrestling in the division two team sectionals and once again, it appears as if it will be Lodi that will be the team to beat if the Spartans want to make their first-ever trip to team state as a division two team. Sparta should be favored in their opening dual against Evansville/Albany and Lodi should be favored in their dual against River Valley, which sets up what looks to be a pretty close dual between the Blue Devils and the Spartans for the third year in a row. The Spartans will be looking to end Lodi’s 10 straight trips to the state team tournament.

Below are some previews for Lodi and Evansville/Albany. We’ll examine each wrestler, if they wrestled any guys that Sparta wrestled and what their record coming into Tuesday night’s duals are. Let’s begin with Evansville/Albany.

Evansville/Albany  —  The most telling bit of information about this team is how they did against Monroe, who the Spartans beat 56-11 at the Reedsburg Duals earlier this year. Evansville/Albany lost to Monroe 36-33 back on January 5th. They also wrestled Oregon and won 39-30.  The Spartans beat Oregon at the Reedsburg duals 52-21.

106  —  No entrant at regionals, Possibly Cameron Harper, Harper pinned Oregon’s Will Sever in 3:01, Winchel pinned Sever in 21 seconds,

113  —  Brandon Robinson (22-9), pinned Oregon’s Noah Engelhart in 2:22, Roddick pinned Engelhart in 32 seconds,

120  —  Skyler Mullen (24-12), pinned by Monroe’s Jessie Keizer who Brock Polhamus beat 7-0,

126  —  Alex Lange (31-6), honorable mention according to Wisconsin Wrestling Online,

132  —  Hayden Milz (25-15),  pinned by Monroe’s Kevin Klopfenstein who Derek VonRuden beat 3-1,

138  —  Kollin Madsen (14-10)

145  —  Ethan Rossmiller (12-24), pinned by Cuba City/Southwestern’s Jarod Donar in 30 seconds, Michael Murnane was pinned by Donar in 2:30,

152  —  Luke Gunn (17-22), pinned by Monroe’s Caleb Rupnow in 3:21, Toby Mosley pinned Rupnow in 1:16

160  —  Aaron Campbell (12-18), pinned by Monroe’s Ryan Hughes in 5:41, Hughes defeated Bob Ragan 9-7,

170  —  Evan Benedict (19-14), defeated Monroe’s Austin Minder 7-0, Skon tech falled Mindner 17-0,

182  —  Alex Yoerger (25-5), honorable mention according to Wisconsin Wrestling Online, defeated Monroe’s Dustin Burkhalter 3-1, Kyle Burkhalter defeated Dustin Burkhalter 8-3,

195  —  Ben Reed (32-8), honorable mention according to Wisconsin Wrestling Online, pinned Oregon’s Matt Sampson in 2:23, Sampson pinned Logan Degenhardt in 5:35,

220  —  Cody Meyer (14-17), pinned by Monroe’s Trevor Gorr in 3:36, Michael Beeler lost to Gorr 3-0,

285  —  Michael Henrich (23-12), defeated by Monroe’s Brett Zimmerman 3-0, Beeler pinned Zimmerman in 6:36,

And now for Lodi…

Lodi  —  Defeated Reedsburg 61-18 on December 13th, the Spartans defeated Reedsburg 68-12,

106 – Jason Clapper (33-8), honorable mention according to Wisconsin Wrestling Online, pinned by Viroqua’s JJ McClelland in 3:10 at Tomah Scramble, Winchel has lost twice to McClelland this  year by scores of 11-0 and 11-2, pinned by Lancaster’s Cole Martin in 1:10, Martin pinned John Roddick in 3:35,

113  —  John Joutras (38-3), ranked 5th according to Wisconsin Wrestling Online, pinned Dylan Winchel last year in 36 seconds, lost 4-2 to Bryce Nowaczyk two years ago, pinned Stoughton’s Zach Hasselberger in 5:16, Roddick defeated Hasselberger 14-3,

120  —  Grant Robertson (28-11), lost 2-1 to Tomah’s Logan Pollack, Polhamus defeated Pollack 7-4, lost to Viroqua’s Josh McClelland 6-4, Polhamus defeated McClelland 7-1, defeated by Tristan Zurfluh last year 4-0,

126  —  Kyle Clapper (21-15), defeated 8-3 by Viroqua’s Kyle McClurg, Tristan Zurfluh defeated McClurg 4-2 in overtime,

132  —  Adam Phillips (16-25),

138  —  Caleb Latham (21-17), lost to Paul Vantassel last year 10-7,

145  —  Logan Cable (29-11), pinned in 6:00 by Lancaster’s Trenton Cornell, Cornell defeated Michael Murnane 9-6, pinned Westfield Area’s Jay Kaenel in 5:56, Michael Murnane defeated Kaenel 10-6,

152  —  Joe Conklin (26-13), pinned by Tomah’s Jacob Dubord in 5:08, Dubord defeated Bob Ragan 6-3,

160  —  Jordan Worthing (28-12), defeated Wautoma’s Tyler Kasuboski by injury default 3-2, Ragan defeated Kasuboski 7-5, lost to Morgan Leis last year 3-0,

170  —  Bryce Ziegler (34-7), ranked 12th according to Wisconsin Wrestling Online,

182  —  Jessie Ziegler (34-1), ranked 7th according to Wisconsin Wrestling Online, pinned Tomah’s Jordan Reisinger in 1:06, Reisinger defeated Greg Skon 7-5 in overtime, pinned Xavier Lopez last year in 3:15, lost 4-3 to Morgan Leis two years ago,

195  —  Michael Watters (37-3), ranked 7th according to Wisconsin Wrestling Online, defeated Reedsburg’s Colton Brott 9-6, Brott pinned Logan Degenhardt in 1:59, pinned Ben Schaitel last year in 3:17, lost to Tom Tourdot 5-4 two years ago,

220  —  Ben Steuck (29-9), honorable mention according to Wisconsin Wrestling Online, pinned Tomah’s Lucas Stromberg-Windau in 39 seconds, Stromberg-Windau defeated Logan Degenhardt 7-3, defeated by Chris Beeler last year 3-0,

285  —  Ryland Crow (14-16), pinned by Mauston’s Daryl Waukau in 2:45, Chris Beeler defeated Waukau 11-4, pinned Wild Rose/Wautoma’s Dylan Bortz in 4:46, Michael Beeler defeated Bortz 7-4,

And here are some video links of Lodi wrestlers in action and articles about the team…

Here are a few videos of Evansville wrestlers…

We are still figuring out if we will have a live blog for Tuesday night’s duals.  We may have one and we might not. We’ll have an update on that by tomorrow evening.

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