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Sparta’s wrestlers have been in the wrestling room practicing for almost two weeks now. Many have been wrestling all summer in anticipation of this opening week. Record numbers of wrestlers have joined the middle and high school programs and the program has great coaches at every level.  It’s a great time to be a Sparta wrestling fan.  To keep the ball rolling there are a couple different ways you can help support the program.  Here’s the 411.

Pin to Win Pool

We challenge you for your support as we “go for the pin” in 2011-2012. By joining the Pin Pool Plus, you will automatically be entered to win a Sparta Wrestling t-shirt at the end of the season.

With the “Pin to Win Pool,” you support the wrestling club by committing X dollars to a number of pins. That number can be for one dual meet, for one tournament or for the entire season. You can also pledge your dollars for any individual wrestler or specific weight class or multiple wrestlers or weight classes. The options are almost endless. Here’s an example…

  • Let’s say I pledge to give $5 for every pin in the Tomah dual this year. Sparta racks up six pins. That’s $30.
  • Let’s say I pledge to give $1 for every pin at the 106 pound weight class this year. Of all the wrestlers who compete at 106 throughout the year, they earn 19 pins. That’s $19.
  • Let’s say I pledge $10 for every pin a Spartan wrestler earns at the Badger State Invite. Spartan wrestlers pin 22 guys on the day. That’s $220.

Make sense? It’s a great way to support the program while having a little fun. All pledges will be made to the Sparta Wrestling Club. For questions contact the Sparta Wrestling Club by email at

Sparta Wrestling Tournament Sponsorship

If you’d rather just support the program through a donation then this is the place to go. This type of support is a little more visible.  Here are the various levels of sponsorship and what you can expect in return for your support.

  • Gold level sponsorship ($100) will get you a thank-you in the youth tournament ad in the local newspaper, your name on the t-shirt given out to the first 250 registered youth wrestlers at the Spartan youth wrestling tournament, your name on the tournament banner at both the youth invite and the varsity invite and your name in the official program of the youth tournament.
  • Silver level sponsorship ($50) will get you on the t-shirt, in the program and on the banner.
  • Bronze level sponsorship ($25) will get you in the program and on the banner.
  • You can also donate any amount anonymously.

If any of the above sounds good to you, here are the forms you can download and print out to kickstart your support for Sparta wrestling. Thanks!

Pin to Win Pool Pledge Form

Sparta Wrestling Tournament Sponsorship Form

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