Stevens Point Dual Tournament Scramble Invite Thing…

I’m not sure what exactly to call the tournament at Stevens Point tomorrow.  If you go through official channels, it’s called the SPASH (Stevens Point Area Senior High) Duals Tournament even though there really is only one round of duals and everything leading up to that final round is wrestled like an invite, but not.  It really is strange.  Here is a description straight from the horse’s (SPASH Athletic Director Stephanie Hauser) mouth or email…

This is a dual meet tournament wrestled in a scramble format for rounds 1-5.  Round 6 will be wrestled in the traditional dual meet format.  The results of the first five rounds will determine which team you wrestle from the other pool in round six. Pool A champion will wrestle Pool B champion. Pool A 2nd place will wrestle Pool B 2nd place, etc.   Each team will be guaranteed five dual meets. The tournament will be scored like a regular dual meet.  A team score will be tracked for your team against each individual team.  In rounds 1-5 each of your wrestlers will have one bye resulting in a total of four matches.  You will never have more than three wrestlers on a bye in a round.

The first five rounds will be wrestled on three mats for each pool for a total of six mats.    In rounds 1-5 you will not be able to have wrestlers change weight classes.  In round six you can change your lineup like a typical dual meet.  In rounds 1-5 you can exchange wrestlers, Example: if you bring two 112 wrestlers they can alternate every round if you like.  They however cannot wrestle a different weight class until round 6.  If you bring two 112 wrestlers with the intention of one of them filling the 119 class you will have to designate them at the coaches meeting.

So basically I think it goes like this:  there are five teams in each pool.  You will wrestle everyone in the pool and then those results get tabulated in the end into dual meet scores.  The pool champions then meet in a final dual to determine the overall champion.  If you placed second in your pool, you wrestle the second place team in the other pool, etc.  It’s kinda weird, kinda cool and makes it nearly impossible for me to update the progress of the tournament throughout the day unless there are any parents who want to call (218.269.9598 is my number) or email me somehow throughout the day.  That’s what happened last year.

As it stands, here are the other teams at Saturday’s dual tournament scramble invite thing: Appleton West, Manitowoc, SPASH, Shawano, DC Everest, Baraboo, Cadott, Holmen and Sussex Hamilton.  Sparta will be in a pool with Appleton West, Manitowoc, SPASH and Shawano.  Last year the Spartans won the tournament after defeating Sussex Hamilton 41-19 in the finals.  Other “dual” scores from a year ago included…

  • Sparta 53 – Manitowoc 12
  • Sparta 35 – Cadott 30
  • Sparta 36 – DC Everest 22
  • Sparta 63 – Kimberly 9

And for now legendary live blog troll “Cadott Guy,” check out the score on the second bullet point there.

Action is set to kick off at 9am and I’ll do my best to get updates, but they might have to wait until later tomorrow night or Sunday.

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