Six Minutes with Michael Murnane

This week we delve into the mind and psyche of Spartan 145-pounder Michael Murnane.

Full name:
Michael Joseph Murnane

December 9th

Ray and Denise Murnane

What advice would you give to young wrestlers?
Use every opportunity you get to improve.

What is the biggest personal or wrestling obstacle you’ve overcome?
My freshman football season all my coaches told me to get in the weight room and grow six inches.

To date, what is your most memorable match and why?b
The team sectional final match.  The whole team wrestled like they were at the top of their game.

What is the single biggest thing that wrestling has taught you in life?
It’s all about your attitude and how you face a challenge.

List three things fans may not know about  you but should.
I regularly quote Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I am an accomplished fave vs destiny, beauty vs anger dancer.  The wrestlers created our own language.

How have you improved from last season to this one? What helped the improvement?
My technique.  Freestyle and Greco-Roman, summer wrestling and weightlifting.

What would your last meal ever be?
One plate of everything at El Vallarta.

What person has had the biggest impact on your wrestling career and why?
My dad. His little inspirational speeches he gives at the dinner table.

Must have on Ipod?
Alter Bridge

Favorite movie of all-time?
Rocky IV

Dream date?
March 32

Favorite athlete?
Dan Hodge

Favorite sport outside wrestling?

When I’m not wrestling…
I’m watching the Walking Dead.

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