Live Dual Meet Results coming to in 2009; New Coaches blog to make debut as well

It's now November and the start of this year's wrestling season is just a couple of weeks away.  Sparta looks to be in contention again for the MVC title with Tomah and while those things always seem to be the status quo in wrestling around these parts, the status quo is about to change here at

Live Blogs

New to is a feature that we are pretty excited about.  We will be utilizing a live blog during home dual meets and hopefully the Spartan Invite.  With the live blog, visitors come to and will see an image asking them to click here to view live web blog.

After that, the window will open and you can see live match-by-match or maybe even move-by-move results from the current match.  You will even be able to send in questions to the blogger such as "Is the official the same idiot who blew the call in the 2000 match against Tomah?" to which the person blogging can respond and say "Why no it's not, he will never officiate another match in Sparta ever again." 

This should be a pretty fun addition to the website and will help fans of the team not able to make the match get their results quicker than ever before.

Coaches & Wrestlers Blog

We also plan on starting a blog that will be written by head coach Jake Larsen.  He will comment on matches, practices, wrestlers and anything and everything he feels like talking about.  There might also be the chance that the wrestlers might pen an occasional blog entry either under their own blog or under Larsen's blog.

When these blogs become active, we will post their address here and put a prominent link up on


Finally, if there are any other things that you might like to see in the future here on the website, please let us know.  We are trying to innovate each year and bring more results to you in quicker and more efficient ways.  Thanks for sticking with us as enters its 11th year on the web.

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