2011 Sparta Invite Time Lapse

Ever see those videos of stadiums quickly filling up, a game being played and then the stadium emptying all in the matter of a couple minutes?  Ever wonder what that might look like if it were the gym at Sparta High School?

I set out to do just that this past weekend during the Sparta Invite and the Sparta Youth Invite.  I set up a camera in the press box at 4pm on Friday afternoon and programmed it to take a picture every 50 seconds until about 6pm on Sunday afternoon.  That’s 3,558 images for you.  I got the card back today and crunched 50 hours of stills into a two minute and 21 second video.  Each second of this video is 24 frames and each frame is 50 seconds.  So roughly one second of video time is equal to 20 minutes. Please hang in there when the video goes dark as the action will soon pick up.

I plan on doing another one with a few different settings for the Tomah dual, but in the meantime, please enjoy an entire weekend of Sparta wrestling in just a couple minutes…

2011 Sparta Invite Wrestling Timelapse from Derek Montgomery on Vimeo.

For those of you interested in the technical side of this operation, here goes… The camera was a Canon 1D Mark 3 set to Aperture Priority set at f/5.6.  The camera was triggered by a Pocketwizard Multimax using the Intervalometer mode and programmed to fire every 50 seconds.  In all, 3,558 frames were fired over roughly 50 hours.  Quicktime Player 7 was used to piece together the stills into a video.

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