2010-11 Video: Sparta vs. Weston

Below is one of the more dramatic duals in recent memory for the Spartans.  Up 30-29 heading into the final dual of the night, Sparta’s Tristan Zurfluh edged out Weston/Ithaca’s Nick Bennett 2-1 to give the Spartans a 33-29 victory.  For some reason, there wasn’t film of Xavier Lopez’ and Bryce Nowaczyk’s matches or Dylan Winchel’s forfeit victory.  However, we have video below of the 11 other matches.

If you’d like to read more on the Weston/Ithaca dual, check out the blog here.

The Vimeo page where the video is located is here.

And here is your video…

To help you navigate to particular matches, check out the info below…

0:00  —  8:50 – Derek VonRuden vs. Marcus McCauley (Weston/Ithaca)
8:50  —  9:49 – Nick Winchel vs. Chrisopher Warren (Weston/Ithaca)
9:49  —  14:45 – Nate Duren (Weston/Ithaca) vs. Paul Vantassel
14:45  —  22:47 – Cody Willis (Weston/Ithaca) vs. Michael Murnane
22:47  —  31:09 – Toby Mosley vs. Austin Clary (Weston/Ithaca)
31:09  —  33:09 – Morgan Leis vs. Mason McCauley (Weston/Ithaca)
33:09  —  35:24 – Wyatt Seep (Weston/Ithaca) vs. Alex Hemmersbach
35:24  —  42:44 – Atticus Sharp (Weston/Ithaca) vs. Kyle Burkhalter
42:44  —  52:28 – Tom Tourdot vs. Clayton Jennings (Weston/Ithaca)
52:28  —  1:00:49 – Chris Beeler vs. Ian Honer (Weston/Ithaca)
1:00:49  —  1:08:13 – Tristan Zurfluh vs. Nick Bennett (Weston/Ithaca)


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